Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

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Wooden Arc Hammock Stand.

Our most sturdy, durable and reliable solid pine hammock stand. FSC Certified

  • Will fit most of the Large Hammocks up to 4m

  • Well done Lacquer finishing

  • Weight Capacity: 200Kgs

Elegance at its finest. This natural wood hammock stand piece will enhance your garden or balcony like nothing else on the market. Absolute statement.

It is both practical and stylish and will add a layer of relax to your life that you know you've been missing.

Using FSC-Certified pine this stand is built to last.

Length: 305 cm/120 in
Width: 116 cm/46 in
Height: 105 cm/41 in
Capacity: 205 kg/450 lb
Stand: Solid Pine
1 Year Warranty