Wooden Arc Jumbo Hammock Stand - 3.6m

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This award-winning design can accommodate all types of hammocks including those with spreader bars and those without, making this beautiful piece extremely versatile while adding elegance to an outdoor living space, garden or pool area.

This quality hammock stand improves any outdoor or indoor space. The stand is stable and durable, allowing you to leave it outdoors if required, although we always recommend to place the stand undercover when possible to extend the lifespan of the wood. As with all Pacific Hammocks stands, suspension accessories are supplied with the stand and allow for easy adjustment to accommodate different sizes and types of hammocks.

Type  Wood Stand for Traditional or Spreader Bar Hammocks
Colour  Wood
Adjustable  Yes
Weather Resistant  Yes
Material  Pine Wood
Weight  31 kg
Ideal hammock length(s)
– Traditional Hammocks  8.5ft to 12.5 ft ( 260cm – 380cm)
– Spreader-bar Hammocks  8ft to 12 feet ( 245cm – 365cm)
Capacity  200 kg
Total length  415 cm
Total width  120 cm
Total height  125 cm
Length (Eyebolt – Eyebolt)  397 cm
Wood Thickness  7.5 cm x 6 cm
Hook Material  Zinc coated


  1. 14 ft Wood Arc Stand Unassembled
  2. Assembly Hardware & Tools
  3. Hanging Chains and Carabiners
  4. Instruction Manual