Double Colombian Clasico Hammock

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Double Colombian Clasico Hammock

  • Made in Colombia
  • Two persons
  • Outdoor & Indoor use
  • 200 kg capacity
  • 360 cm total length
  • Regenerated cotton polyester, soft, durable fabric
  • Complimentary matching storage/carry bag

Beautiful Colombian hammock

An authentically South American, Colombian hammock. Fairly produced in Colombia and of exceptional quality. This beautiful, natural-toned hammock comes with a matching storage bag that can be used for other purposes as well.

Multiple Cadejo suspension cords
By using extra suspension cords, our Colombian hammocks spread open more easily and distribute the weight more evenly, resulting in optimal comfort. In addition, the cords aren't attached on to or through the hammock, but are woven directly from the hammock itself. This is called "Cadejo". This gives the hammock the uniquely beautiful Colombian look and provides up to 30% less chance of the breaking.

Quality fabric
The fabric of this hammock is made from environmentally friendly, regenerated cotton (70%) and polyester (30%) and is woven up to 20% thicker than typical hammock fabrics. The cotton, combined with a special weaving method and design known as "Farolito", makes this Colombian hammock super soft. At the same time, the polyester yarns ensure that the cotton doesn't get stretched too much, maintaining its size and shape better. This Colombian hammock can handle a light shower of rain. We however, advise that you keep the hammock in a dry place when not in use and don't leave exposed permanently.

Type  Traditional Hammock
Weight  2 kg
Storage / Carry Bag  Yes
Packaging  40 x 30 x 8 cm
Capacity  200 kg
Material  Regenerated Cotton Polyester
Canvas Length  240 cm
Canvas Width 160 cm
Total Length  360 cm
Minimum Hanging Length  320 cm