DD XL Camping Hammock "Frontline"

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The massive DD XL Frontline Hammock offers the same breathable base and ultra-fine bug netting as our regular Frontline - but features full curved spreader poles to create a tunnel effect and maximize the benefit of the extra floor width.

Year-round comfort

With its breathable base the DD XL Frontline Hammock performs well in a variety of climates, including the jungle - this is the best hammock for taller campers, or just an extra spacious and comfortable night wherever you are!

Sleep 100% bug-free with the net fully deployed, or simply unzip both sides and roll up over the poles to secure out of the way. Alternatively, suspend the hammock with the net on the bottom to lounge out in the sun!

Used with a groundsheet, this hammock also makes a roomy bivi.

SIZE 3m x 1.8m (comfortable for people of any height and up to 125kg)

WEIGHT 1250g excl. webbing and poles

INCLUDES XL Frontline Hammock, Webbing (10m), 2 x 1m elastic cord, 2 x curved net poles, hanging pocket


  • Breathable double-layered design with velcro tab closure – insert a partially inflated thermarest or camping mat between the layers in cold weather

  • Ultra-fine mesh mosquito net built in: zips closed and protects against all insects (even the Scottish midge!) - unzips from both sides.

  • 2 x full-width lightweight curved spreader poles, to create maximum space inside and suspend the net

  • 4 internal pockets for small valuables and one larger hanging pocket suspended above

  • 4 large tabs on each corner of the base to support the spreader poles

  • Pre-fitted with 10m strong suspension webbing (5m each end)

  • Stuff sack.

Recommended accessories:

DD Tarp XL

DD hammock safety

  • Remove any sharp objects from your person before entering the hammock

  • Please follow the maximum recommended weight limit

  • Check all suspension cordage is in good condition before hanging, and ensure any knots are secure before entering the hammock

  • Do not set up the hammock too low to the ground, and check beneath it for any sharp objects that could come in contact with the material/suspension

  • Children should be supervised when using this product

  • DD hammocks are not suitable for children under 3

  • Ensure the area around the product is kept free of hazards

General care

  • To preserve the strength of the material, avoid folding along the same lines too frequently (change after 10 times)

  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place

  • Always ensure your gear (including any cordage) is completely dry before storing away

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (above 40C and below -15C), and keep your gear at least a 2m distance from flames

  • Do not machine wash. Clean carefully by hand only, using lukewarm water

  • Prolonged exposure to strong UV light can cause material to weaken (UV degradation is excluded from warranty)