Cacoon Double - Hanging Tent Hammock

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Double Hanging Tent Hammock

If it comfortably holds two adults, imagine how many kids could clamber in, So you may want to hide your kids friends visit (or make sure what you hang it from will support their weight)

Link to the Tripod Stand which is most suitable for our Cacoon range here:

It looks great in the house, the garden or anywhere else you can think of. So, even if you're tempted to chill out, go: get up and take it on an adventure.
The Double CACOON is big enough for two adults stretched out or blissed out! And if the kids must… imagine a joey in a kangaroo’s pouch – now see your kids in a Cacoon. Throw in a couple of teddies and… heaven!  

Product comes with the black rope and carabiner.

Length: 183 cm/72 in
Width: 183 cm/72 in
Height: 183 cm/72 in
Capacity: 200 kg/440 lb
Fabric: Polyester & Cotton
1 Year Warranty