Aerial Yoga Swing Set, 2.5 m Length Yoga Hammock Hanging Swing

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Meet our yoga swing, designed for aerial yoga enthusiasts. It's your ticket to soothing spinal tension and easing those aches from long practices or bad posture. It can handle up to 661.38 lbs/300 kg with the stylish green and white combo, suiting yogis of all shapes and sizes.

Our aerial yoga hammock rocks 65gsm nylon fabric, which is not that flimsy stuff. It's tough, non-slip, and built to last. Say goodbye to snags and hello to ultimate comfort and security.
With 2.5m of space, this aerial silk lets you spin freely indoors and outdoors, unleashing your inner yoga guru. It's flexible, versatile, and full of surprises for your yoga journey.
We've beefed up the yoga hammock's handles for extra comfort. Plus, it comes with a handy storage bag and cool accessories. These thoughtful touches mean you can dive into yoga with pure bliss.
No sweat! You can mount this yoga swing hammock on your ceiling or hang it from a tree. We've got you covered for yoga wherever your heart desires.
  • 300kgs Weight Capacity: Designed with aerial yoga enthusiasts in mind, our yoga swing provides effective relief from spinal pressure, helping ease those backaches that can occur during long practice sessions. It can support up to 661.38 lbs/300 kg, accommodating all body types. Plus, it sports a stylish green and white color combo that adds a touch of elegance to any space.
  • Durable 65gsm Nylon Fabric: Our aerial yoga hammock is crafted from high-strength nylon fabric that's both gentle on the skin and highly resistant to wear and tear. You'll enjoy maximum comfort and security in every yoga session without worrying about snagging.
  • Spinning Freedom: With a generous 2.73-yard length, this yoga swing hammock provides plenty of room for exciting spins, allowing you to enjoy yoga both indoors and outdoors. Its flexibility and versatility add a fun twist to your yoga practice.
  • Enhanced Handles: We've made the aerial silk handles larger and more cushioned, focusing on the little details to boost your comfort. You'll also find a handy storage bag and reinforced stitching for added convenience. These thoughtful upgrades let you stay fully focused and truly savor the joy of yoga.
  • Complete Accessories: Our yoga hammock comes with a variety of accessories, making it easy to set up in different scenarios. Whether you're installing it on a ceiling at home or hanging it from a tree outdoors, you'll find it hassle-free.