Macrame Boho Hanging Chair

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Macrame Boho Hanging Chair

Macrame for the Lazy days and chill out nights.. Somehow, they seemed to go better in our beautifully-crafted handmade Hammock Chair. Designed to cup you comfortably, our Macrame Hammock Chair is extremely relaxing to sit on with ample support for your back and arms. Built of a sturdy structure wrapped in a mix of polyester and cotton fabric, and adorned with lovely handcrafted tassels, our Hammock Chair has all the right vibes of days spent enjoying your favourite past times suspended in mid-air with nary a care in the world. String it over a tree, mount it at a veranda or install it inside the house, the Hammock Chair hangs well in any place for a very unique décor.


Fully handmade hammock

Lovely tassels

Firm structure

Durable and soft fabric

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor us


Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

Upper diameter: 30cm

Hanging height: 140cm

Seat backrest diameter: 90cm

Package Content

1 x Hammock chair